Snow Day Friday 4

Even when you are pretty sure a snow day is coming, nothing beats the feeling of getting up a little later in the morning, slowly eating your breakfast and lingering over the newspaper knowing that you do not have to be somewhere in the immediate future. In my house, snow days are a mix of shoveling snow, hauling fire wood, taking the dogs out to play in the snow and laying around catching up on reading or my Words with Friends games (I only have 13 active games going at the moment).

This week’s Friday 4 is a collection of items that are good for snow day reading, more reflective and thought-provoking than technical and practical. Throw another log on the fire and enjoy!

  • Schools Are Full of People” is a recent post from Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) that is a good reminder to anybody who works with kids.
  • I’ll Never Be the Same Again” is a post from a new blogger in my Google reader, Bo Adams (@boadams1). I ran across Bo when I was reading the Grant Lichtman journey to visit 60+ schools across the country looking for innovative teaching.
  • How Collaboration Has Changed Me” is a piece written by a fellow flipped classroom teacher, Delia Bush (@DeliaBush).
  • The last item is actually several potential items. Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) recently wrote a post where he suggested 5 good blogs for English teachers, 5 good blogs for history teachers and 5 good blogs for math teachers to follow. Even if you do not teach English, history or Math, I encourage you to check out Richard’s blog Free Technology¬† for Teachers.

Enjoy the rest of the snow if you are in New England!

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