Friday Four + 1 for 9/30



Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Engagement

Here are this week’s Friday Four (+1) interesting articles/blog posts/web resources I ran across that you might find interesting.

  1. Nice blog post from a colleague who attended a Professional Development conference by The Critical Thinking Consortium.
  2. The case for collaboration and connected networks on the Connected Principals Blog. I have been wanting to create a PLN for folks at LC….now may be the time to get it going….who wants in? Let me know.
  3. Ten Steps to Better Student Engagement. Piece on the Edutopia website that provides practical tips for teachers of all disciplines.
  4. Scripted Creation Isn’t Creation, It’s Assembly. Blog post by 21st Century Educator for anybody who uses student projects in their classes.
  5. Getting Specific about Critical Thinking. Nice piece on the Education Week website that explores what it means to teach “critical thinking” in the classroom.



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