First Four Finally Finished

(I could not resist the opportunity to throw a little alliteration into the title of this week’s missive after attending a meeting of the Writing Studio working group this morning.)

Four days into our new daily schedule and the earth has not tilted off of its axis nor has the ground in the middle of the Grubbs Quadrangle opened up and swallowed all unsuspecting passerbys. Actually, according to the vast majority of people with whom I have spoken, the new schedule has been great and presented teachers with desirable difficulties that will need to be mastered over time. How do I properly pace a lesson? How much homework is enough but not too much? Instead of thinking about what will be covered in class, teachers are focusing on what the students will be doing during class. This is a significant shift in perspective that has and will lead to generally better and more engaging lessons and experiences for our students.

Now a few nugget for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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