Fall Follies

If you only have 15 minutes or don’t normally click on all or any of the links in the Friday 4, I would encourage you to skip right to the first item and take the time (15 minutes) to watch the TED Talk “How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-parenting.” I am trying to figure out a way to “gently” share this video with the parents of my advisees. Perhaps I will show it to my advisees first and let them bring it home. 😉

This week’s nuggets that have crossed my radar screen:

  • How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-parenting” is a phenomenal TED Talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims, the former Dean of Freshman at Stanford, that is chock full of sage advice for parents, teachers and students. Thanks to my colleague Bill Sullivan (@bsullivan35) from Suffield Academy for this item. If you are interested in project-based learning, I would encourage you to follow Bill on twitter.
  • No Friday 4 would be complete without a few brain related items. The first one comes from Todd Finley’s blog and is titled Everything Your Brain Needs to Know about Engagement: 40 Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement. All sorts of good ideas that are germane with our new schedule.
  • What’s Your Memory Style? 5 Ways to Accommodate the Way Your Brain Works comes from the informED website. The beginning of the piece describes a study exploring the differences that exist between individuals when it comes to memory and the regions of the brain that are involved. The second half of the piece offers up some practical suggestions for teachers based on the preliminary findings.
  • The final piece was sent my way by Eric Styles and comes from The Chronicle of Higher Education. The topic of the article, laptop use for note taking, is one that has appeared in previous Friday 4 pieces and continues to be a hot topic in certain circles. No, Banning Laptops Is Not the Answer.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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