A Soggy Friday 4

A rainy long weekend is in store as we put September in the books and begin the first chapter of October…a perfect opportunity to do a little reading and reflecting on teaching and learning. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a few suggestions to get you started on that journey? Well, lucky you! I have a few items that fit the bill.  😉

  • The first piece recently appeared in the NYT and seemed to be perfectly suited for our student clientele. Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress explores a few recent studies that focus on ways in which we might be able to use some well-timed and designed writing exercises to reduce student stress. Perhaps worth exploring with our advisees.
  • The next two items, which come from the college world, look at two issues that are certainly front and center for our students as well. The fact that the topics are being addressed in pieces targeted to college folks suggests to me that the issues are certainly not limited to high school students.
  • The last piece resonated with me specifically because of a conversation I had recently with a new colleague about the benefits of lesson planning and how my own planning has evolved over my career. The Most Important Teaching Skill for the Modern Educator to Master is loaded with nuggets for the novice and experienced teacher.

Curl up with your favorite electronic reading device and enjoy the rainy weekend! (Not a sentence I would have written 25 years ago!)

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