First Friday Four of the 2012-13 School Year


Start Your Engines!

The opening faculty meetings have come and gone, the orientation of new students and faculty is quickly becoming a distant memory and most of us have begun to settle into the regular “routine”of the new school year. I am hopeful that part of your routine will include a regular reading of my “Friday Four.”

The Friday Four began last year as a result of a conversation I had with our Head of School, Sheila Culbert (@SCulbertLC on Twitter). You can find the first post here. The goal of the Friday Four is to share interesting items that I have run across during the week about teaching and education with my colleagues. I try and include a variety of scholarly articles, blog post from other educators, resources and ideas to try out in the classroom and opportunities for further professional development. You may not agree with everything I post and will certainly not have the time to try out each and every new idea. My goals are fairly simple: to share resources with my colleagues and to stimulate ongoing conversations about the craft of teaching in particular and education in general. I welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to sharing what I find with you.

  • The first article (Seven Keys to Effective Feedback) is from a former LC faculty member, Grant Wiggins (@grantwiggins), who is known by many for his work with Jay McTighe on the “Understanding by Design” approach to teaching. In this article, Grant discusses the differences between, advice, evaluation, grades and effective feedback for students.
  • One of my favorite education blogs to follow is written by Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby). Tom is a long time educator who, among other things, started edchat on Twitter and the Educators PLN. He wrote a post this summer “The Connected Conundrum for Education” that resonated with me and my role as the Director of the Kravis Center.
  • There is an updated version of the viral video “Did you know?/Shift Happens” that is eye-opening, even if you have already seen an older version.
  • Another one of my favorite blogs to follow is written by Daniel Willingham (@DTWillingham), a cognitive psychologist who has written a couple of books that I highly recommend. He had an article published in Scientific American ┬áthis summer entitled “How Science Can Improve Teaching” that is related to the ideas presented in Tom Whitby’s post and extends the argument for being a connected educator.

As always, please feel free to posts comments or feedback and send along any ideas or resources that you find that might be good ones for me to include in the next edition of the Friday Four. Have a great school year!

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