Friday Four 10/7

Here are this week’s Friday 4. A collection of interesting articles/blog posts that I came across that you might find interesting. Enjoy!

Educational Technology for the classroom

  1. Google Docs for educators. I am an avid fan of Google docs for a whole bunch of reasons and have been sharing ideas with my colleagues on how they can use this tool in their classrooms. This link provides a nice overview of Google docs and a ton of resources on how to use the technology in your classroom.
  2. Why Teachers Should Join Twitter. A new user’s view on the value of Twitter for teachers. Skeptical? Give it a try! You can follow me at @smaclintic or our Head of School @SCulbertLC.
  3. 100+ Google tips and tricks for teachers. Who doesn’t use Google these days? This blog post includes some of the most useful and little know tips for teachers. For example: Search within a specific kind of site. If you know you only want results from an educational site, try “site:edu” or for a government site, try “site:gov” and your search term to get results only from sites with those web addresses.
  4. Blog post by Eric Sheninger, the Principal at New Milford HS in NJ, about the creative and innovative ways some of the teachers at his school are integrating educational technology into their classrooms. The final line in his post is “How is your school transforming the teaching and learning process?”  How would we at LC answer this question? Join one of our newly formed PLNs and share what you are doing with our colleagues!

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